I only left my dorm today for Louisiana Tech’s homecoming game. I first stopped by the barber shop I patronized last Saturday to pay for my haircut. The three o’clock game was versus North Texas. I walked in the stadium about a half hour before the 3:00 kickoff. The turnout was pretty impressive. There were a large number of parents and alumni. There were over a dozen players from Tech’s 1955 football team in attendance. Tech dominated the whole game. The halftime score was 27-0. The halftime homecoming court presentation was much like the several I’d seen at past Tulane games. The one unusual thing was the Texas kicker that took the field in the middle of the presentation to practice some drop kicks, much to the displeasure of the crowd. He was pretty close to the far right couple. Shortly before the homecoming queen was crowned, the escort on the far right ran over and knocked over the ball that was on the stand, which got quite an enthusiastic reaction from the crowd, or at least the students in the crowd. I left about halfway through the third quarter, as there was no question as to the outcome and my eyes were hurting after being in direct sunlight for a couple hours. I didn’t do anything of circumstance in the evening.

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