History Exam and Wal-Mart

Today’s economics class was about the consumer price index. We used it to compare prices of things today to say 30-50 years ago. We also used it to determine the highest grossing movie of all time in real dollars, basically adjusting for inflation Gone with the Wind. Class ended at quarter to 11, more than somewhat early. I went to Tolliver Hall after class for lunch. I remained there until about three when I went back to my dorm. I called the people who maintain the coin-op washing machines for LA Tech to see if they were aware that the one in my dormitory is broken. They were not. I found this to be pretty asinine as it’s been broken for days and apparently nobody so much as made a phone call to a number posted right on the machine. Anyway, the lady said they’d send somebody. I remained in my room until about quarter to four when I walked to Madison for history class. There was an exam today. It wasn’t difficult. After the test we actually went over the whole thing with answer sheets in hand, and pencils out of sight. I missed 6 of 50. I would have disputed one of what I thought was a poorly worded true or false question but bonus points from previous class work will being my grade up to an ‘A.’ There was a lecture after the test review, which was a very generalized summary of World War II. I went to the cafeteria for dinner after class roast beef sandwich, fries and a slice of pepperoni pizza. I went to Tolliver Hall after dinner. I added a mouse-over on the style sheet switcher GIF on the menu bar of my website which explains the purpose of the three colored boxes. The mouse-over code doesn’t work in Firefox though. I called John in my dorm room sometime around eight to see if anyone had been by about the washing machine. Bianca answered the phone. She said she was about to call me and wanted to know if I wanted to go to Wal-Mart. I had nothing better to so and needed some things so I agreed and headed home. Bianca, John and I left a few minutes later. On the way to ‘the Ruston mall,’ we stopped at Bianca’s apartment to grab some defective picture frames she was going to return. We were at Wal-Mart for about two and a half hours, time which passed rather quickly. Bianca returned her frames with no trouble. She needed a number of things from the store and we wandered around with her for a while. I was very temped to buy a fridge but couldn’t bring myself to purchase the one of the only model they stocked. I just bought some socks and underwear since I was wearing my last clean pair of both and a few extra couldn’t hurt. On the way home we stopped at Bianca’s apartment and helped her carry her things in and visited for a few minutes before John and I headed home. Late this evening I watched the first episode of “The Colbert Report” which aired yesterday and did some of my French homework.

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