Cafe Du Monde is Open for Business

I put the news on when I woke up this morning. A Fox reporter was doing a live remote from Cafe Du Monde, which reopened at six this morning after having been closed for about six weeks, the longest length of time the Cafe has been closed in its 153 year history. In my opinion, this is one of the most significant signs of returning to ‘normalcy’ in New Orleans yet. Beyond that it was just very nice to see hot beignets being served as I’m quite fond of this particular establishment. I also learned that Snug Harbor, a jazz club which is another favorite place of mine in New Orleans, reopened this past weekend. I left my room shortly after ten this morning, which gave me plenty of time to get something to eat and sit in Tolliver for a little while before heading to this morning’s French class. Today’s session went over facial features again and personality traits. I went to Tolliver Hall after class. I made some updates to the links page on my website. I left there around half past one and went to the cafeteria for lunch. I got some stir-fry and sat with Sara who was already there, although we didn’t exchange many words. I went back to my dorm after lunch. The washing machine was fixed and not in use so I got my stuff in. I remained there until about seven when I left to get some dinner. I went back to Tolliver after dinner and did some homework. I went home at ten.

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