The House is Fine

I got around nine when everyone in the house had breakfast. This afternoon, the house emptied between a Braves game and shopping. We took some family pictures before they left. I stayed home to try and make some phone calls regarding enrolling at Louisiana Tech and checking on friends. All I managed to do was wake up Ami. I watched High Fidelity with the TV free. Uncle Larry, John and Dad made it into town today as residents of Jefferson parish were allowed to return for a little while to check on their property and take some thing with them. Uncle Larry’s house is fine. John actually had electricity in his apartment. Dad was able to reach our house today as well. The house is fine. He said there were a lot of downed trees in the neighborhood, including one in our front yard. The nine foot satellite dish inn the back yard was blown down too. Other than that, the house was untouched. The boards were still in the windows, none broken. There was no flooding in our neighborhood. I don’t believe Dad took much if any of our stuff today. Between the boarded up windows and no power, it was rather dark in the house and Dad didn’t have a good flashlight. They’re supposed to try and come back tomorrow. There were leftovers for dinner this evening. I watched Amlie. Ami called over here while I was watching the movie. I guess we both got turns at forgetting the time zones. It was the first time we'd spoken in a couple weeks, but I didn't have all that much to say, in spite of recent circumstances.

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