Car Wash

I got up pretty early this morning, not exactly sure when. It was in time for some blueberry muffins for breakfast. A little while after breakfast I vacuumed and washed Mom’s can with help from Uncle Larry. The concrete dust that got on our car while in Memphis was still on the car, and stuck on pretty good after baking in the sun for days and going through a touchless car wash that was obviously no help. The job took well over an hour, maybe two. I heard from Roxana today, she is alive and well in Tennessee. Dad also heard from the doctor, who we haven’t heard from since Sunday. He was evacuated from the Astor Crown Plaza Hotel to Houston and is on his way to Dallas. Later in the afternoon most everybody went up to a pool in the neighborhood. I just came along to get outside for a while rather than go swimming. I saw a recent satellite picture of our house today. The resolution wasn’t great so all we can be certain of is there’s no water in the house. It kind of looks like there was just minimal wind damage in the neighborhood with lots of downed trees. It appears as if a neighbor’s try fell towards the left rear end of the house, although I don’t think it caused any structural damage. Again, I can’t be sure until we can see better pictures or just go home. I finished watching Touch of Evil this evening. I started watchingn it almost two weeks ago but circumstances prevented me from seeing the rest promptly. Uncle Larry grilled some chicken for dinner, which was quite good. Later in the evening, Arien, Andrew and I played Monopoly. I handled Andrew and Arien with ease, although they’re alloy younger than me so it’s no accomplishment. Aunt Ann walked in as we were finishing up around 12:30. We had no idea it was that late and went to bed soon after.

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