I woke up sometime around nine this morning. I obviously have yet to master the art of sleeping on sofas. When I wasn’t watching the news, I was probably in front of the computer or doing something similarly unproductive. I did spend a good bit of time fooling with Jim’s laptop, which needed some work just some garden-variety fixes to get it running faster. I don’t remember any earth-shattering news regarding the hurricane. The mayor had a short, profanity-laced tirade and President Bush did a small walking tour of Kenner. Most of the news related to the deteriorating conditions in the city. A lot of the awful circumstances resemble the sort of things that take place in third-world countries. I took some pictures of the house and surrounding area and posted them on the website. A great deal of food came through the house today. Although oddly enough, I ended up eating pork chops and macaroni and cheese twice. A good number of people including Dad and Andrew went to a high school football game this evening. Whoever they were rooting for lost. Later in the evening I talked to Khadijah on the phone for a little while. Between the middle of nowhere and the mess caused by the storm, it’s pretty hard to get a call out. It worked alright if you stand outside though. I received a call from Jeff while I was talking to her so Mom and Dad got to speak to him this evening. I was up pretty late, I think I got to bed, or the sofa rather, around one.

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