On To Alabama

I woke up about eight o’clock this morning, got dressed and went to the lobby for some breakfast. We saw this morning that rescue efforts had been temporarily suspended because of gunfire. I can’t even begin to imagine what’s going through the minds of people who would fire upon their rescuers. It was also reported that sniper fire prevented the evacuation of critically ill patients from Charity Hospital by helicopter. The news and reports we heard grew more disgusting and incomprehensible as the day went on. I talked to Kristopher Francisco online this morning. He’s currently as LSU with his brother Kristian. He told me several of his family members remained in New Orleans. We checked out of the hotel this morning and drove to Childersburg, Alabama. Mr. Cotney (my dad’s step-grandfather, Aunt Dionne’s grandfather), and his second wife live there in the house he built himself in his spare time over eight years. Grandma Janet showed up soon after we arrived. We last visited there a couple years ago during a vacation. We visited with them for a couple hours. Ms. Lou got us some dinner. Aunt Dionne, Uncle Larry and my cousin Brandon arrived at the house not too long after we finished eating. After a little while, my family and my aunt’s family drove out to Talladega, where Jim and Beth’s house is. These are extended family member I believe. Aunt Mimi, Aunt Doris and Uncle Joe were already there. I’ll update this when I figure out exactly who they are. Anyway, these lovely people were so nice as to temporarily move out of their beautiful home and allow the eleven of us to stay here for a while. I must say I was pretty floored by their generosity. My parents and I spend the evening between the computer, the TV and just talking to all the family members we have here. I didn’t get to bed until after two.

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