I took a cab to work this morning as my parents are still out of town. I arrived at 10:15. There were a few tapes of dictation waiting from the weekend that I took care of over the afternoon. I took my time with the work but I still finished pretty early. I remained at the office until 4:15 this afternoon and went home. I was a bit disappointed as I was expecting my new laptop to come in the mail today. I sold my fist item on ebay this evening. I bought a broken laptop similar to mine not too long ago. It wasn’t in satisfactory cosmetic condition to I decided to sell it. I was only hoping to recoup some of the money I spend but I actually made a little profit. Perhaps I’ll try unloading more items in the future. I watched The Notebook this evening. Ami called me rather late this evening. We talked for a couple hours, among other things, about the possibility of her leaving Payson.

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