Family Back Home – Laptop Arrives

I wasn’t in much hurry to get to work this morning as the doctor doesn’t get to the office until after two. Before leaving I did just a little tidying up the house as my folks would be back home this evening. I arrived at work at quarter to noon. Although I didn’t have anything to do outside of babysitting and occasionally answering the phone, work was still exhausting as the clinic was exceptionally busy today, all day. After getting doc out of the office, I went home myself at 6:30. The laptop I won on eBay, a Sony Vaio SRX77, arrived in the mail today. I spent most of the evening fooling with it. I replaced the 20 GB HD with a 60 GB HD I bought earlier this week. I’ll upgrade the internal wireless card soon as well. It’s in almost perfect cosmetic condition. There is a single scratch on one end of the lid and the touchpad is pretty worn down, making it a bit difficult to run your finger over it. The hinges are loose as well and will require replacement, unfortunately. I was also a wee bit disappointed in that the included DVD-ROM uses the PCMCIA interface rather than the powered firewire socked, but that’s no big deal since I have no other PC card slot devices at present. I’m still happy with my purchase, although it would have been nice to know about the hinges ahead of time. Even after seeing hundreds of pictures and seeing specs and such, I was still amazed at how small it is. It makes my R505, which is rather thin and petite itself, look cumbersome. The keyboard is rather small to fit the notebook, so I don’t think it will replace my R505, which has a nearly full size keyboard. My family arrived back home late this evening after a trip to Michigan for Jeff’s college orientation. They all spoke pretty highly of Ann Arbor… supposedly, even the food is tolerable.

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