I had the day off as usual today, although I actually got out of the house this afternoon. Bianca, Dorcas and I went to the mall this afternoon around 12. Dorcas did the driving. Lunch was the first order of business. The girls were both looking forward to Chick-fil-A and I have nothing against chicken nuggets so we all got food from there. It’s only been a few hours and my memory is already fading as so exactly what sores we visited but I guess it’s all water under the bridge anyway. I think the Body Shop was the first place we visited. I happened to remember this place because Jessica got an outfit from there once that I was especially fond of. While the girls were there I went next door to a shoe store. I found and purchased a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse shoes I like, black leather hi tops. I had since given up hope on finding a particular triple tone variety. This pair is nice a good material and the logo is embroidered rather than screen printed on like the canvas ones, which is actually a pretty big deal to me, sadly enough. $65 poorer, we must have peeked in another store or two before we went back to the food court to meet Dorcas’s boyfriend, Evan, who came down for lunch. I’ve met him before. I’m not sure is he was particularly unsociable today or just rude. He barely said a word to me or Bianca. While they were visiting I stopped in for a round of my favorite Arcade game, San Francisco Rush 2049. I did exceptionally poorly today. I didn’t even get the car to the finish line. This must have been my first time playing with ‘advanced’ handling. It was a real pain in the ass to keep control of the car. Usually, my arm muscles keep the force-feedback wheel in line. With Evan on his way back to work, we went to the Gap. We must have been in there at least an hour. Between Bianca and Dorcas, they must have tried on fifty pairs of pants. I resolved to get one shirt while I was there. I had this dark blue shirt with stripes picked up for a while but I changed my mind and picked a solid burgundy one instead. Even after I decided on the shirt, Bianca continued to try on pants for a good while. It’s hard for her to find stuff that fits, for reasons those acquainted with Bianca are well aware. We heard some thunder while were at the Gap. Eventually Dorcas and Bianca each found something they liked and bought it. I think we stopped in Sears soon after that. I just wanted to browse around the electronics section briefly. I ended up getting a pair of headphones. We also stopped in Rainbow, Mervyn’s and Radio Shack. The last store we visited was B.Dalton. We were in there for a little while. I didn’t see anything I wanted from there today. We browsed in the store for a while before leaving. Bianca and Dorcas got smoothies and I got a milk shake before we left the mall, which must have been sometime before five. We stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home. I’m not entirely sure why. I got something I needed though. Before making it all the way home, we had to stop at Dorcas’s house, which was on the way anyhow. I got home sometime before six. It was pretty obvious that there had been some severe weather near the house while we were gone. I was told hail actually fell, in spite of the heat outside. The wind must have been bad as well, as there was an awful lot of foliage in the street. It looked very much like right after the recent hurricane. We had dinner a bit late as we waited a while for Dad. We had the red beans cooked yesterday. I didn’t do much in the evening outside of lacing my new shoes. Clean laundry is still in a pile in my room.

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