Long Day

The work day seemed rather long, although I've had longer days. Dad made a stop at the bank and post office on the way. He obliged me a stop at Subway to pick up some lunch before getting to work at about 11. There was plenty of work unfinished yesterday which I took care of today. I got the reports done around two but I had enough to look over to keep me occupied until we left the office at about quarter to five. I did a little laundry this evening. I didn’t quite finish it up and I have a bunch of clean clothes piled up in my room as I so often do. Late in the evening I watched most of Chinatown. I was too tired for the last 20 minutes. This and a few past entries were typed on my SRX series Vaio. I find I’m growing accustomed to the smaller keyboard, although I still don’t think it’ll become useful enough for serious work.

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