I had to get up rather early to leave the house at 7:30 this morning. Andrew had to ride with Dad and I to school this morning as Mom was unable to bring him today. After dropping Andrew off, Dad stopped to wash the car. We made another quick stop on the way to the office at a convenience store across from the Orleans Parish Courthouse for some breakfast. We arrived at the office shortly before nine. I had some reasonably steady work through the day, just enough reports to make me feel occupied. Doc was at the office late today. We left sometime after four. This evening, I went with my Mom and my brother to a potluck dinner at church. There was a pretty decent turnout. The food was good, but the ‘fellowship’ left a lot to be desired as there were no similarly aged individuals at this event. I wished I'd made some plans o see a movi with a friend or something. We left at nine. Later this evening I finished some work on the website I barely started yesterday. I added 26 additional desktops to the Vaio wallpaper page on my website. As I hand code my website it was pretty tedious work, although simple. I had to spend a bit of time finding little errors I made to the get the page back up to valid XHTML. While I was doing that, Hurricane Katrina was a topic of conversation. It was entering the Gulf of Mexico this morning, at which time it was projected to make a sharp turn north and head into the Florida panhandle. The track was shifted through the day and this evening is predicted to make landfall very near to New Orleans. Dad made hotel reservations in Memphis and reserved additional seats on the train Jeff will bet taking to Ann Arbor on Sunday.

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