Hurricane Katrina: Preperation

I woke up at about 10:30 this morning. I had hoped to see the hurricane track adjusted to me moving more northward or eastward, but it was still forecast to head right over New Orleans. That being the case, the family spent most of the day preparing to leave and watching the weather channel and local TV coverage. Dad left sometime after noon to take his car to the long term parking garage at the airport. He stopped to see a friend at the Astor Crown Plaza on Canal St. When mom and I went to pick up dad from the ferry landing, he told us about how he made a reservation at the hotel ‘just in case.’ With the storm getting closer and holding to the forecast, the idea of staying seemed insane. It was ‘just in case’ though. We boarded up the windows to the house not long after we got home. It must have been sometime around 6:00 by then. We used the same wood as we had up for Ivan so it didn’t take long. I was up late this evening packing my things. I packed about five days worth of clothing, both of my laptops, both cameras, two hard drives with most of my accumulated data, DVD-R backups of everything, my scrapbook and a photo album, which contain a majority of artifacts of sentimental value to me, and the painting Ami did for me, which I really need to get around to framing. Overall, I packed pretty light. Everything fit in a duffle back and two backpacks. As I was packing I realized how few of my possessions hold sentimental value. I guess that’s just because I’m young and haven’t taken too many pictures or maybe it’s just because I have everything packaged to where I can get at it easily.

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