Tulane vs. Memphis

Dad and I went to work comparatively early for a Friday, arriving at 9. The office is pretty backed up on reports so I had plenty to do today. I worked steadily but didn’t come close to finishing everything. We left the office at 3:15 and went to pick up Andrew from school. We had some leftovers for dinner. Dad, Andrew and I went to the Tulane baseball game this evening. The game against Memphis was over almost as soon as it started. By the end of the 3rd inning it was 13-0. Tulane had a big 2nd inning. Two home runs score 2 and three runs along with a number of base hits yielded nine runs. With the exception of two runs scored by Memphis on the 6th, there was no more scoring. We stayed through the whole game even though it was quite one-sided. We were going to drive out to Metairie after the game to pick up Jeff but he got a ride all the way home. The evening was pretty uneventful.

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