Barbeque at Audubon Park

This afternoon, my immediate family, grandma Laughlin, grandma Janet, aunt Dionne, Uncle Larry, my cousin Brandon and myself had a little barbeque in Audubon Park to take care of Mother’s day. It was different from most family outdoor gatherings involving eating in that we didn’t forget anything, had decent food, great weather and no insect swarms. We arrived with grandma Laughlin at the park around 12:30. We parked the cars and ourselves on the south side by the clubhouse. Dad’s family arrived sometime after one in a new F-150 they picked up only hours earlier. The next few hours involved a lot of food and talk than not need be described in detail beyond the fact that it was a pleasant affair. I believe we went home sometime around four or five. While we were at the park, Dad’s left front tire went flat. He took the Taurus to get some Fix-a Flat in order to get it to a service station. He had to replace the two front tires, but he took the problem pretty well, especially considering it was an issue with his car. I think we had leftovers for dinner, although I doubt anyone was especially hungry. I formatted my computer this evening and reinstalled Windows with service pack 2, something I’ve been avoiding. It’s needed doing, and with school over, four other hard drives to back up data and my laptop in working order, it was of no difficulty. While this was moving along slowly I watched Arsenic and Old Lace, an amusing, if peculiar Frank Capra film.

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