Tulane Kick’s LSU’s Ass… Again

I took the bus downtown again this morning to get to class this afternoon. This afternoon’s marketing class, one of the last, pertained to customer relationship management. Ms. Snell boiled it down pretty well as she always does. I took another bus up Tulane to work after class. I arrived at one and didn’t have much to do when I got there. Don picked me up in a little U-Haul truck at about 1:30 because his wife had some surplus chairs at her office that were to be used at the clinic. The office was just up Airline Dr. so it wasn’t much of an ordeal. There were just four chairs, we loaded them up and took them back to the clinic, no problem. There wasn’t so much dictation today but I was still pretty occupied. The clinic was pretty bust as it always is so there’s usually some little thing to do. An attorney called asking for records copied on like eight patients so that took a little while. Dad arrived at the office sometime after three with Andrew. We left the office shortly after six having learned that the late patients weren’t going to show up. Dad, Andrew and I went straight to Zypher Field for tonight’ highly anticipated Tulane baseball game versus LSU. The game started at six, a time which had been adjusted to be earlier for television. The game was broadcast live on ESPN 2. The sizable parking lot was full so we parked somewhat awkwardly, close to the stadium entrance off Airline. We arrived early in the second inning if I recall correctly. LSU was at bat to start and scored three runs in the top of the first. Tulane managed one in the bottom. Although it was mildly discouraging to walk in to a score of 3-1, things got better. Both teams scored a single run in the second. Tulane tied the game in the third with two runs for a score of 4-4. In the bottom of the fourth, Tulane managed to load the bases twice and score seven runs, sharply resetting the tone of the game with a score of 11-4. Tulane didn’t score any more runs in the game. Although they managed to score four more in later innings, it wasn’t enough and Tulane won the game ever so sweetly with a final of 11-8. Beating LSU is quite nice in itself, having victory broadcast live on ESPN was even better. This game also marked the largest attendance of a college baseball game ever in Louisiana with an attendance of 12,069. We were lucky in leaving the station considering out awkward parking spot onside the road where most people were trying to exit. We went to Caf� Du Monde for some beignets after the game, which were great as always. My long streak of no powdered sugar on my clothing was not broken. Later in the evening after getting home I talked to Khadijah on the phone for about an hour before going to bed.

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