Short Film Class

I went to work somewhat early with Dad this morning. There was some dictation to do, while I worked on while I was at the westbank office. We left that office around noon sometime to go to the Mid City office. I finished working on the reports I started. Dad took me uptown sometime after one. Shortly after arriving on campus, I went to see Dr. Houston at her office. She asked all her students to stop by sometime to discuss their work and the class itself. We talked about my papers briefly and then for a short while about extracurricular stuff. She lent me a copy of Doom 3 for Xbox to write a review about for a makeup assignment. I got something to eat in the bubble after that. I walked back to Gibson Hall and sat on the back steps and read my film class textbook for a good while. In this evening’s film class, we just had a number of students give their class presentations. There was no lecture and class was dismissed at 7:15. Dad picked me up a good while after that around eight, he wasn’t expecting me to finish so early. Later in the evening after getting home I watched Sweet Smell of Success while folding some clothes before bed.

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