Dusty PC

I took the bus to this afternoon’s class since Dad went to work at the westbank office this morning. I was pretty lucky with the wait. This afternoon’s marketing class dealt with pricing. She covered two chapters on the subject which took a bit longer than most of her sessions. We also got our last test and homework assignment back, both of which I had A’s. I took the bus to work after class. There was some dictation to which I spread over the better part of the workday. Mom picked me up around 5:15. Shortly after I got home I took my computer outside to clean it up a bit. IT was pretty dusty inside and it seems like it’s been a good while since I’ve been home before sunset. It took me a good while but I got it cleaned up fine. I called Melanie and spoke with her ever so briefly this evening since we haven’t talked in a week. She said had been rather sick but this was news to me, which was more than somewhat infuriating. This may be the first time I’ve ever been pissed off at someone who is ill. Bianca called around 11 and we spoke for a little while about her being in town this weekend.

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