Midterm Review

Ms. Snell concluded her discussion of chapter nine this afternoon. Dad picked me up after class to take me to work. He had picked up Andrew as well as he had a half day at school. I didn’t do much work at the office as there was really no room to work. We left the office at five so I could go to class this evening. There was a loose mid term review during history class this evening. I wanted to go to the baseball game versus UNO this evening but I didn’t want to miss this class. I walked to the medical school after class intending to take the campus shuttle to the baseball game. I called Dad and he said he’d pick me up so I remained there. He was cold so I guess he didn’t mind leaving. When he arrived he decided not to return to the game as they had a safe lead. The lost that lead as we were driving home, however. They still won with some late scoring for a final of 15-9. I don’t recall anything of circumstance after getting home.

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