DDR and Cheesecake

After taking our good old time to get up, Ami and I went to visit Andrey this afternoon. He came to pick us up around noon. It was raining rather heavily when he arrived so he just came inside for a little while. We left a few minutes later, the rain let up a little bit, but not too much. Andrey took us to his house to hang out for a while. While there we talked and played DDR for a while. Ami and I intended to go downtown in the evening and meet Khadijah later, as she was coming in town this evening. Andrey was unable to join us this evening but he was willing and able to take us to the ferry. He dropped us off there around four. Ami wanted to do a little shopping so we went to the Riverwalk after getting across. We were there for a little while we walked around a bit. Ami bought some jewelry and a smoothie while there. We eventually left and decided to go eat. We had to wait a few minutes for a train to pass outside the Riverwalk. After it did we walked up N. Peters to the Virgin Megastore so Ami could look for some CDs. We were there for a little while, Ami did buy some things. After leaving there we decided to go eat. I hadn’t really thought about where to go so we just started walking. We soon walked by the Gumbo Shop, a place I had been recently and know is decent so we ate there. I had the crawfish etouffee and Ami had a sandwich she didn’t like. While we were there, Khadijah called and said she was on her way from the airport. We arranged to meet her after Ami and I finished dinner. When we did finish we heard from her again and walked to Canal and St. Charles to meet her. We stood there for a few minutes. She called again and asked us to meet her down the street at a hotel where a friend of hers works. We met her there and spoke briefly before expressing a need to eat something. We walked into the hotel to a restaurant inside called ‘Cobalt,’ an expensive, well-decorated place with a very sparce menu. It didn’t take long for Kali to decide she didn’t want to eat there. It did take a few minutes to convince herself to to get up and leave though. Not long after getting outside she deciced she wanted to go to the Cheesecake Bistro, which was a little ways down St. Charles. We walked there, although it was a longer stroll than I first thought. It must have taken around 20 minutes to get there. We were seated about ten minutes after we arrived. Having just eaten I didn’t really want anything so I just got a drink. I did try some of Khadijah’s crawfish egg rolls though. Ami was the only one who got cheesecake. We were there for a few hours. We sat in the lobby of the adjacent hotel for a few minutes while we waited for our ride to arrive, courtesy of a friend of Khadijah’s, Robert. Before going home, we stopped at Wal-Mart because Khadijah needed some groceries for tomorrow. Ami and I went inside with her while Robert waited in the car. It didn’t take too long but we could have been faster. Ami and I got home around midnight. Instead of going right to bed like a should have, I watched Crimson Tide, which was actually pretty decent. Lights out at three.

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