Second Anniversary of Daily Log – Company Christmas Dinner and Otra

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of this log. I started it halfway through my senior year of high school. I started it as a mundane way of keeping a current date on my home page and it has served that purpose well. I swear I started doing this before it became the fad blogging is today. Would you believe I actually though this to be a novel idea at the time? �neither would I. The company Christmas dinner or whatever you want to call it was this evening. I suppose Dad thought a Christmas party or something was impractical so we went to Copeland’s for dinner. Mom, Dad, Melanie, Deidre, Bianca and her ‘friend,’ Stephanie and her ‘friend’ Cedric and myself were in attendance. Most of the guests arrived around 7:30. My parents, Melanie and I had been there since seven, when the whole thing was supposed to start. We all just sat at the bar until most everyone arrived. When Deidre and Stephanie showed up we had enough people to claim our reserved table. Dad made the reservation for 14 incase everyone invited showed up. I ordered the barbeque shrimp, which I am told is what I got the last time I was there. The food was great. The affair as a whole was a bit rowdy and amusing, although much like a regular day at work with the snappy quips and conversation… although the nurses aren’t late to work and nobody drinks during office hours. It may have been a bit of a shock for Melanie, but I think she said it wasn’t much stranger than her family. We were there a bit of a while, we all left around 10:30. After leaving Copeland’s, Melanie, my parents and I went to the Spotted Cat on Frenchman to see what was going on there. We were there for a while before the night’s musical act started. Otra, an Afro-Cuban jazz band started playing around 11 o’clock. They were quite good, I enjoy their variety of music but I seldom get to hear it. The Spotted Cat is a pretty small place and it gets pretty pack while a live act is going. I suspect very few people just walk by when someone is playing there since they book pretty good bands. While there, Melanie and I made things official so to speak so we’ll just see where that goes. I think we left somewhere around 11:30. We took Melanie home and then went home ourselves. I used the computer for a short while before going to bed.

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