Lunch and a Russian Movie

A short while after getting home from church, Andrey called asking if I wanted to go to the movies so he, Khadijah and I drove out to the theater. There was nothing we wanted to see starting at a convenient time so I suggested we go eat. There are a couple of restaurants a stone throw’s distance. There was a wait at Semolina so we went to Chevy’s instead. As it turned out Andrey had something to do at home so we would only have time for lunch. I had some beef quesadillas. The waitress was a new hire in training. Through our meal I thing we were greeted in some fashion by at least six different employees. I suppose they were busy today. We heard the wait staff sing happy birthday to in Spanish to four people while we were there. I’m willing to bet they had done plenty that day as they seemed just a bit tired of it. I suppose one can muster only so much enthusiasm for a several stranger’s birthdays in one shift. After lunch, Andrey took Khadijah and I to my house. Having an impromptu guest forced me to move things along with the newly washed laundry that I had sitting around. We talked for a while and she napped for a short bit. Andrey called around five to let us know that the need for him to be home vanished from existence. He suggested we go over to his house for the evening to see a Russian movie, the title of which translates Night Watch. It was an interesting movie, although I don’t have much of a taste for the fantasy/thriller genre. After the movie we hung around his house for a while. He showed Khadijah and I picture of the house he stayed in during his summer in Moscow. I think Andrey took us home sometime around midnight. I left his house with some movies of his to watch and a couple CD-Rom drives that I will try and fix. After getting home to a dark and quiet house, I was on the computer for a while to update this log before bed.

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