Halo 2

I didn’t have any trouble getting up this morning, in spite of staying up late to finish my journalism assignment. I didn’t leave for class until quarter to eleven. I guess dad wasn’t in a hurry to leave this morning as he was going to have lunch with a law firm he does business with. As soon as I got to the mall, I walked to the EB Games store. Today marks the release of Halo 2. I’ve been waiting for this game like so many others for quite some time now. It’s the only reason I bought an Xbox a couple months ago. In English class today, Professor Greene introduced our next essay topics. We have to write a reader-response essay on one of two writings, either an Op-Ed about President Bush titled Filter Tips by Michael Kinsley, or a poem by Miguel Pimero. We discussed both at length in class. Afterward I had lunch with Ann. I walked back to the medical school with her through the mild drizzling. The shuttle was nearly 15 minutes late today. After getting uptown I went to the lab to touch up my journalism assignment and surf around until this evening’s class. This evening, Professor Marinello discussed some legal issues of journalism, including libel and slander. After class I walked to the library to meet dad and go home. After getting home I wasted no time to start playing Halo 2. I did just that until 1 AM this morning. Halo 2 is easily the most beautiful video game I have ever seen. The graphics and artwork are stunning. Everything thing about it is amazing and polished. I don’t suspect I’ll be getting much done for a few days.

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