Covenant Committee Meeting

I went to work at mid city this morning. I didn’t have any reports to do but I had some assorted filing work to do. I didn’t think it would take any time at all but I was occupied for a good part of the time I was there. In the evening Dad and I went to Andrew’s school to pick him up after a half day. He then took us to Loyola where my mom works so she could take Andrew and me the rest of the way home. Dad had to go back to the office for a while longer. Mom was leaving work a little early as she wasn’t feeling well. Later in the evening I went to the semi-annual meeting of the Tall Timbers Owner’s Association at Eisenhower school. I attended so I could write a story about the meeting for journalism class. The meeting lasted a little over an hour. There were a small handful of speakers addressing topics like potholes and the neighborhood telephone directory. Overall it was pretty dry stuff. There was pizza and soda afterward so maybe it was worth it. Later in the evening I wrote the story, using the recording I made of the meeting and the sparse notes I made. I had not originally intended to finish the story tonight, as I will have a few hours tomorrow, but I was doing rather well. While the material was boring, I had plenty of it. I finished the assignment around 2:00 AM and went to bed.

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