Election Day 2004

Shortly after getting up this morning I got dressed and walked over to Eisenhour Elementary to go vote. The line was long and I deceided to come back a little later. I did just that and the line hadn't changed much. Knowing I had nothing better to do anyway, I decided to get in line. After exactly an hour of standing around, inching forward and talking to a lady behind me, I got my turn. After getting home from voting I was on the computer for a while and listed to talk radio. I spent a good deal of time trying to get my parent's old computer to work, but to no avail. For dinner I made mexican. It sat ready to eat until Dad got home. After dinner the TV came on and stayed on for quite some time as we watched election returns, flipping between networks. I was on the computer for alot of that time, switching between news and ebay. As I write this at 1:30 AM, it looks like Bush has won reelection. David Vitter won the senate race here, making him the first republican senator here in quite a while. Marlin Gusman, a good buddy of Marc Morial, won criminal sherrif.

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