Class, Movie, Class

It was cool outside today, but the dampness cancelled it out. I got dropped off at the mall with time to spare before English class this morning. I looked around EB games for a bit, got my ritual strawberry coolata and apple fritter and went up to the computer lab for a little while before class. I got my essay back today, A-. I was shocked as I thought the essay I turned in was absolute crap. I guess the words weren’t terribly important so long as they were spelled correctly. After class I took the 1:15 shuttle uptown. Instead of having lunch and such I walked to Melanie's house, as she suggested instead of having lunch as we did a couple times before. We had agreed to watch a movie and we did, picking one from the vast collection at her house. We ended up watching “Stargate.” I had previously spoken about my interest in the TV spin-off of the movie and I hadn't seen it in years. I remember enjoying the movie a lot more the first time. Now I have a TV show to compare it to, a show I'm rather fond of. I guess that taints my view of the movie, or I wasn't as choosy at age 12. After the movie we talked for a while about nothing of particular importance. Melanie's mother, Ann, gave us a ride to Tulane for journalism class this evening. I was already tired and tonight’s class was uncharacteristically uninteresting, surprising given yesterday's big election. The lecture regarded sources. After class I spoke with Melanie briefly and walked to Patterson house to visit Theresa, who I had not spoken with at length for a few months. We just talked about some simple things along the lines of hi-how-you-doing- whatcha-up-to-nowadays. After that I walked to the library to meet Dad and go home. I hadn't eaten for quite a while so Dad agreed to stop through Rally's on the way home so I could get something to eat. I ate when I got home and later watched The Daily Show and Letterman before going to bed.

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