Tulane vs. Florida A & M

There was a substitute at my media arts class this morning. The class discusstion was aobut print media. My dad had to open the office today so I was able to get a ride both ways. Dad, Andrew and myself went to see Tulane play Florida A & M in their first home game of the season this evening. We got their early so we could sit around and eat some food we brought. I convinced myself to throw a football around with Andrew for a while. The game itself was entertaining. Tulane put on a good show, which should be expected since Florida's teams is hardly a force to be reconed with. Their band, on the other hand, certainly is. The Florida A & M Marching 100 performed before the game and at half time. They were quite impressive, they had enough people to play to both sides of the audience simultaneously. Tulane won the game 32-14. I believe I spoke with Khadijah later in the evening.

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