I got dropped off at the New Orleans Centre about an hour before my English class today. I did the usual breakfast, browse video game store thing. Class was fine. We spent some time discussing the hurricane that’s approaching the gulf coast. After English Class, Ann met me for lunch. I think this was the first time we ate elsewhere from Purple Roses. After finishing my sub we got a quick ride to the medical school down the street, it was raining right before we left. I stopped into the bookstore to say hi. I thought about buying an umbrella but decided to take my chances instead. I caught the 2:15 shuttle uptown. I bought my info. systems book today, $70 used. Ouch. The poster sale was still going on so I browsed that for a bit, and actually bought something. I then made my way to the computer lab, where I broke my headphones. I had lots of time to kill so I thought I’d try and fix them. There was a woman in the computer lab with a lot of questions that I answered over about an hour while I was failing to fix my headphones. I ordered some replacements on Amazon. Class convened on time in the lab where I was. There was a ‘lab’ today in which we were introduced to QuickBasic and Pascal. The second half of the class was lecture in the classroom. I don’t remember much. After class I walked to the library to meet Dad and go home. I learned that hurricane Ivan was headed our way and he had already started making preparations to secure his offices. We drove out to the east to get some equipment from the east office and bought some boxes at a crowded Wal-Mart store where a good number of people were buying supplies. When I got home I started gathering some thing I wanted to take if we were to evacuate.

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