Quiet Day, Less Than Quiet Evening

I was at home for a good part of the day until I joined Andrey, Khadijah, Toni, and Roxana. We went over to Khadijah's place for the evening. Shortly after getting to her house they decided we needed to rent a bad movie and visit with one of the employee's a Blockbuster who had caught their eye. We saw Shani on the way there and she followed us. We were at Blockbuster for a little while. While they were there I went to Zach's for a shake and to see if a friend was working. She wasn't there but they knew here. I chatted with one of the workers there for a bit, a 'Liz' I think. Shortly after finishing my milkshake they were done and we went back to Khadijah's. We started a couple of movies but never really paid attention to either of them. They played cards for a while and Shani finally left; a pleasant relief as her attitude was pounding my last nerve. Eventually we watched “The Count of Monte Cristo,” a rather good movie I had seen once before. After the movie the gang felt like ice cream so we drove to Winn-Dixie. Upon arriving they lost the craving for ice cream and we left empty-handed. We thought it would be fun to drive past Edna Karr on the way home as this would be the night the senior prank would be perpetrated, assuming there was one. The only one there was a cop in a patrol car. Apparently they were familiar with the schedule as well. I don't exactly remember what we did after getting home… I think we may have watched the movie after the little trip. In any event I got home around 2:30.

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