Kali's Last Day in Town

This was Khadijah's last day in town and we thought it would be interesting to cook dinner at her place. I brought some things along so we could make lasanga. After a colorful trip to Wal-Mart for cheese and such, I started cooking with a little help from Roxana. It took a good while to prepare and was a bit of an ordeal with a small, hot, and forign kitchen. That house has a gas stove, which I had never used before. It obvious to me know that they're alot hotter than the electric variety i'm used to. The lasanga cooked in about half the normal time. Unfortunately I didn't take it out quite half way though so it was a little overdone. It certainly wasn't my best work but at least it was edible. We were over there for a little while longer playing cards and the xbox I brought, afterwhich we went home.

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