Nothing More Facinating than the Weather

I was at home Monday and Tuesday doing nothing of circumstance. Today I went to work with my dad. He needed a new computer set up for the west bank office so I tagged along. Before going to the mid-city office we stopped by the new west bank office to pick up some paper work for the occupational license. It was my first time seeing that office, it seems nice enough. After that we stopped by Gretna City Hall, a quaint little building. While walking towards the building a bird crapped on my arm and watch. It certainly wasn't a pleasant experience, but I quickly realized it could have been worse as it could have landed on my head. It was no trouble rinsing off my arm. Anyway we turned the paperwork without too much trouble, although it would generate some drama later in the day, none of which I was involved in. I spend the afternoon at the Mid-City office. I did get the computer set up, but that wasn't much trouble. I spent more time listening to music. After returning home I went to bed for a quick nap but didn't wake until 8:30 PM. I guess I was more than a little tired. I wandered around a bit and then went back to my room. I fooled around on the computer a bit and watched “The Mission.”

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