French Quarter Festival

The family and I attended the French Quarter Festival this afternoon. We parked downtown a little before three and walked down to Bourbon St. The first act we say was Tim Laughlin, a formidable clarinet player that I saw last year at Jazz Fest. We walked around a good bit, saw some of the other stages, and made our way to Jackson Square because my parent's wanted to see Charmaine Neville. During the act I took a little walk around to the riverfront and back, I saw Andrey along the way. Later after Neville's performance we went to Cafe Du Monde, and eventually made our way home. This was my first visit to the FQF, it's my understanding that this is perhaps the biggest crowd they've had yet. The high volume of people did make it look like the event has outgrown the venue. I watched “Monster's Ball” late in the evening.

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