FQF Last Day – Streetcars Back on Canal St.

After church, my dad and I went to the French Quarter Festival again. It was a lot easier to enjoy myself without any whiny baggage. The crowds today were even thicker than yesterday. During the day I can't recall us stopping too long for any one act. We say a couple of brass bands, including the Dukes of Dixieland in Jackson Square. Some time after that we saw Timothea on the riverfront. I ran into Ashley Murray before that, a former classmate I had not seen in some time. I had a fried catfish po-boy for dinner. I should have eaten it as a platter that happened to include French bread; I would have saved myself a lot of hassle. After dinner we went back to the riverfront and saw Papa Grows Funk for a good while. We went home following his set. Overall, the French Quarter Festival was quite enjoyable, and a good primer to Jazz Fest that starts next week. After returning I 'talked' to Ami on the phone for a while, damaged my camera winder, typed this up, and went to bed.

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