To The Airport… and O'Henry's

I took the day off of work today, as the store will be dead. I rode with a Shani to pickup Andrey from the airport, who just returned from a trip to New York City. Traffic was reasonable so it wasn't too much hassle. After leaving the airport with another passenger we went to O'Henry's for lunch. I had a shrimp and catfish platter, which was reasonably sized so I was able to finish it. We didn't quite feel like going home after lunch so we went to Best Buy on my suggestion. I ended up walking out with a Sony DVD player, which I …sorta… needed. I set it up after getting home, and later watched Se7en. I went to my aunt and uncle's place in the evening to spend new year's. I had plannd to spend time with friends but the one with a car had to travel to a funeral.

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