May 2003

Some Company and Lawrence of Arabia

I had a friend over to the house today so I could help her pick out a computer. Afterward she showed me an episode of a TV show she likes, and I in turn showed her an episode of Star Trek DS9. After dinner, I watched ‘Lawrence of Arabia.’ I wish they still made movies on this epic scale.

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Books and Computers

I spent the morning at school helping a teacher move some books. He was nice enough to take me and two other students to lunch at Bennigan’s. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a bigger hamburger. Later in the afternoon I went to a friend’s house to help with her computer. I did little this evening… watched a little TV and browsed ebay.

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A Quiet Sunday

Today passed rather quietly. After church, I sat around for a while and then napped for a few hours. With dinner out of the way, I added the 450th movie to my list watching “White Men Can’t Jump” It’s an amusing movie that I just never got around to seeing in it’s entirety. I’ll probably see 451 before going to bed.

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Garage Sales and Medusa’s Child

I spent the better part of the afternoon at a couple of garage sales, buying nothing. After stops at Home Depot and Wal Mart, I came home and later watched “Medusa’s Child,” a four hour movie about a bomb capable of obliterating every electronic device in an entire country.

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High School Graduation Ceremony

A day I won’t soon forget, graduation day. We had my two grandmothers over to the house before going to Tulane, where the ceremony was held. It was nice seeing the senior class together in some sort of dignity. Everybody looked quite nice in their cap and gown. It didn’t occur to me that I would probably never see a lot of these people ever again. The ceremony itself went rather smoothly, even if it was a rowdy affair, with a lot of noise pollution coming from the general audience. The event started with some awards presentations and speeches. The Salutatorian, with whom I am well acquainted, gave a satisfactory speech but talked far too fast. I feel partly responsible because she read the speech to me over the phone like that beforehand and I approved. To say the least, the Valedictorian’s speech was well delivered, but considerably lacked depth. It was the sort of self-congratulatory filler you’d expect at a pep rally. The awarding of the diplomas went smoothly and rather uneventful, aside from the constant cheering and hollering from the crowd. After some closing remarks, we made our exit. It was slow going in spite of the fact that the graduate’s exits were given priority. When I made my way out the door, I was expecting some relief but there was an enormous crowd outside the auditorium. I made it to the car without incident. I and family went to Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro for something to eat. I had a cheesecake topped with Banana’s Foster. It was quite good, and probably had enough calories to sustain me for a week. After having my fill of cake and coke, we went back home. I had planned on meeting some friends and IHOP before a 12:30 movie and did, leaving the house shortly after returning home. I arrived finding that my friends had already been there for some time. After a few good jokes, some onion rings, and a lot of witless banter passed, we proceeded to the theater and decided to see “Bruce Almighty” after some typical female indecision. It was a reasonably funny movie, as one would expect from a Jim Carrey flick, but it didn’t reflect the trailer much at all. Afterward, we stood outside the empty theater for a while chatting and figuring out the ride situation. My father gave two ladies a ride, and I went home. I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep as I had someone on my mind. Graduation is supposed to be a pivotal moment in one’s life. I can’t say I found it to be very monumental, it was just a very enjoyable evening that I’m sure I won’t forget anytime soonand I did enjoy myself, a lot more than the description above may let on.

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Graduation Practice

Today, the day after my birthday, was graduation practice. Frankly, it didn’t go very well and I seriously doubt Friday’s ceremony will go smoothly. Following that was the class picnic. BBQ, teenagers, and lousy musicit wasn’t so bad though. Yesterday, my parents took me to Andrea’s, a nice Italian restaurant.

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End of High School/The Matrix Reloaded

Wednesday was my last day of high school, no doubt I won’t forget that day anytime soon. I went to a nice little party afterwards. Yesterday I went to see the new Matrix movie. It wasn’t as good as the last one but still a very enjoyable experience. Reloaded and Revolutions appear to just be one big movie cut in two so I will hold judgment until November.

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Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, we took my mom to Audubon Part for a picnic of sorts, after which we went to visit my dad’s mom for a while. For dinner, we went to this unassuming restaurant called Fury’s. I was expecting to be disappointed but the food was quite good. This evening I filed out my grad. announcements.

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Fixing computers and an MP3 Player

School has been a non-event over the past week as exams are done. I’m only going to school for the hell of it. I fixed a few computers around school. I spent part of the evening redoing a surgery on my MP3 player. I’ve been trying to keep dust out of the display. Time will tell how the 2nd attempt goes.

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Half-Life Completed

I finally got around to playing Half-Life, and I finished it tonight. I can only echo the sentiments of most everyone else who’s played in saying it’s easily the best FPS to date. I’ve heard alot of people say the ending sucked, and while it was slightly abrupt, I found it rather amusing.

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The End of Jazzfest

Jazzfest ended today reasonably well. The weather was fair, and there were several great performers. My favorite act of today was Pete Fountain, maybe the greatest clarinetist ever. John Goodman came on stage to sing “When the Saints Go Marching In,” it was quite funny. Gregg Stafford’s Young Tuxedo Brass Band was also quite good.

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A Quiet Friday

After a fair day of school, I came home to an empty house as the family has gone to Natchitoches again for a school orientation for my brother. I’ll be enjoying the peace and quiet and watching a bunch of movies. I fell asleep in front of “The Maltese Falcon” earlier today. On Sunday I’ll be attending Jazzfest again.

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