To The Airport… and O'Henry's

I took the day off of work today, as the store will be dead. I rode with a Shani to pickup Andrey from the airport, who just returned from a trip to New York City. Traffic was reasonable so it wasn't too much hassle. After leaving the airport with another passenger we went to O'Henry's for lunch. I had a shrimp and catfish platter, which was reasonably sized so I was able to finish it. We didn't quite feel like going home after lunch so we went to Best Buy on my suggestion. I ended up walking out with a Sony DVD player, which I …sorta… needed. I set it up after getting home, and later watched Se7en. I went to my aunt and uncle's place in the evening to spend new year's. I had plannd to spend time with friends but the one with a car had to travel to a funeral.

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Back to Work, More or Less

I was back at work today after the Christmas break. I spent the last few days at home, not doing much. I fooled around with my DVD burner, which has only been fully operational for a few minutes now, although I made a DVD video on the 26th on the 1st attempt. I watched a few movies and some TV, talked to some friends on the phone, nothing of incredible interest. Rain was the order of the day today, it rained steadily most of the day, including the ride home. The building where I work will be closed until Friday so the store was pretty dead. I left early as a result and took tomorrow off, no sense running the clock. I fooled around with my computer this evening, I can now burn DVDs without locking up my computer.

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Christmas Day 2003

Unlike most years we didn't eat breakfast before opening presents so I wasn't as awake as I would have liked. My parents got me a DVD burner and a few other things. We had an 11:00 meal with my family and grandma. We went to visit my Aunt Lauren and her daughter in the afternoon, whom we hadn't seen since last summer. We visited there for a while and then went an aunt, uncle, and grandmother on my dad's side that live in Metarie. Their house wasn't as crowded as it usually but there was just as much food, all of which I sampled. I got some money from them and some clothes. When I got home in the evening I watched the 2nd hour of “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.”

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Christmas Eve

My grandmother came by the house this afternoon for dinner. My dad made some jambalaya, which turned out rather well. We opened the presents from my grandma and I got some useful items. We played a game of scrabble in the evening, and my strong start died quickly and I came in last.

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A Little Food Before the Break

Traffic was slow at the store today. Being the last workday before Christmas, we had a little party at work. We closed the store for an hour and ate some food we had brought. Fortunatley I didn't get sick from overeating. We had a gift exchange at work and I ended up with a glass chess set. I watched a movie in the evening.

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The Mall and Dinner

This afternoon I went to the mall with some friends of mine. We went to Lakeside across the river, which is a good deal farther but worth the trip. With the fashion advice of my friends and a friendly Gap employee, I picked out an outfit for myself. This was my first and probably only shopping trip for Christmas, but I didn't really find much. After browsing the mall for a few hours we had dinner at P.F. Chang's China Bistro, a decent resturant attached to the mall. I reserved a table before some some of us were finished shopping so myself and a friend held down a table for a short while until the rest joined us. The food was rather good. I had some sweet and sour pork and fried rice, but I felt full before I even touched my food. After getting home I watched “Unforgiven” and went to bed.

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Lazy Saturday

I did practically nothing productive today, and liked it. I watched “Cool Hand Luke” in the morning, and then napped until about four. Everyone else was out shopping most of the day, which is why I was able to rest undisturbed. I got an early dinner and watched “Analyze That.” Afterwhich I finished my little code refurbishing project. I'll probably watch another movie this evening, and maybe talk on the phone.

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The Friday Before Christmas

The day's work started with me helping finish an inventory of the store, counting up all merchandise that's been on the shelf over a year. As has become the usual for Friday, I worked a cash register. I also fooled around with the clothing in a few capacities. I spent the evening on a little project, refurbishing all the code on The Assembly of Gamer's website, bringing it up to valid XHTML 1.0, as this site is. I also watched a few movies in the evening.

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Daily Log's First Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary for this log. Over the past year i've been typing little snippets of my life that no one reads, and I wouldn't have it any other way. This log has been a nice way of keeping track of my daily activities. It's nice to be able to look up something I did a while back, and it provides most of the dynamic content here. A few months after I started this, “Blogging” as it is now called, became quite a fad. I'm proud to say I was doing this long before then, and I'm not doing it for some of the convoluted reasons alot of other people are.

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Home For the Phone

I was home from work today as I needed to be around for a repairman to come by the house and fix our telephones. I didn't do much during the day. I picked up around the house a little bit, watched some TV, an old Hitchcock movie, “Strangers on a Train.” My brother came back in town today for the holidays. THis evening I watched a part of “Band of Brothers” I missed.

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Saddam Captured – Dragging Through the Day

I was rather ill last night so I barley slept and was feeling miserable when I got up around 11 this morning. The first thing I did was check on my computer and found that Saddam Hussein had finally been captured. I curled up in fromt of the TV for a while and watched the news. I ended up back in bed later and got up again to eat something. It's been a pretty lousy day, hopefully i'll be back to normal tomorrow for work.

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Dinner and a Movie

I spent the afternoon with some friends. Myself and two others went to see “The Last Samauri,” and three others in our group went to see “Honey.” Tom Cruise had a decent performance and the movie held my attention as well as can be expected. After the movie we went to Bennigan's for dinner after dropping off one person. I had a chicken strip platter, which was just fine, although I was full before getting half way through it. After dinner it was only about 6:30, but we ended up going home anyway. I didn't really do much in the evening. My parents got home from shopping shortly after I did. I started watching “One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest” but I was too tired to finish it.

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Dull Work Week

This week has passed with little incident. I've been occupying myself at work mostly by processing shipments, be it books or candy or whatever. I worked a cash register today as Catasha doesn't work on Fridays. I've been finding unusual things to keep busy, like cleaning out the stockroom. With my computer back up and running, I've gotten back into my movie watching habit, Windtalkers and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and The Core were some movies I watched this week.

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Processing Textbook Shipments

The weather was warmer today, a bit too pleasent and humid to bring a jacket like I did. I spend most of my time at work going through the textbook shipments we recieved in the last two days. Books are coming in for classes next semester so we had to unbox and shelve them. Most of my evening was spent in front of the computer. After a six month dry spell, I finally played a few matches of Unreal Tournament 2003.

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