Mid Terms

This was a much-anticipated day for a great many people across the country. I was very anxious to see the election results across the country although I was not exciting about the local races. For all intents and purposes, the elections in Louisiana were foregone conclusions. Vitter in. Cao out.

I worked my regular shift at Fox today although I would have liked to have had the day off, free to watch the returns come in at home. Our five o’clock news was in large part a preview of our election coverage… featuring several live shots from various campaign headquarters. Later in the evening around seven, I went with a co-worker out to a couple of polling placed in New Orleans East to collect some vote totals for the show. We collected numbers for three races although when we phoned in they only needed the second congressional district race. I guess the winners of the lieutenant governor and senate races were apparent early on.

We finally made it back to the station after nine when the show was already underway. Luckily it was largely a live affair so it was no great loss to be without someone to run the prompter. Overall I think out coverage went pretty well. There were no big surprises locally. The races elsewhere in the country proved to be quite entertaining though. I’m sure the news coverage over the next few days will be similarly enjoyable.

I was at the station until midnight and this was one of the few nights where I still had some company at the end of my shift. After I got home shortly before one, I watched some TV including some election coverage before finally going to bed around three.

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