I have been a bit short on free time over the past few weeks. I have been working on Thursday nights, one of my days off, filling in to write for the evening newscasts. The person who holds the job is training for a producer position on the morning show. Myself and two other PA’s have been coming in to write for the show until the position is again filled.

It’s been a while since I have devoted any of what free time I have to video games. On the suggestion of a friend who hasn’t even seen the show, I have started watching The Shield, a police drama series that aired on FX. I never paid any attention to it when it was on TV but it’s certainly good enough to warrant a look-see. I’m currently about halfway through the show’s seven seasons.

The next thing that will be consuming my free time is a police scanner I won on eBay today. I’ve had my eye on Uniden’s BCD396T handheld scanner for a while. I got lucky and won a unit for a great price. I don’t have a particularly intense interest in the practice so I have not been willing to pay anything close to the price today’s digital scanners retail for. Working on the assignment desk at Fox8 has generated a certain curiosity, however. The radios we use there for scanning are quite elaborate but poorly programmed.

I’ve already done a good deal of research on the subject and I am hoping I won’t have too much trouble programming my scanner. I installed a programming application called FreeScan and purchased a premium subscription to RadioReference.com which should enable the easy transfer of the frequencies I want to the radio.

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