Outside of work, I spent a lot of my free time playing with my “new” computer this week.   I did have to break down and reinstall Windows on Thursday.  The OS wasn’t entirely stable even though it did function after changing the core hardware.  I would have been forced to anyway since the RAID drivers I needed pretty much have to be installed during the OS installation.  I got my RAID1 array working without incident.  I did have trouble with my Windows 7 CD key, however.  I bought my copy through a student deal with  Digital River.  The valid product key I bought only worked with the disc from the downloaded ISO.  The actual disc that was shipped to me doesn’t work with my CD key.  It’s an issue have yet to work out but the burned disc worked fine.

Among other things, I installed Crysis to see how my system would handle it.  With all the settings maxed, it still got choked up during a firefight and gave about 20 FPS otherwise.  With the settings set to “High” instead of “Very High,” it’s perfectly playable.

I had to work on Friday to cover a shift for Monica.  I was not thrilled about working but it was a good evening as far as work days go.  I wrote a story about Al Qaida that made air as I wrote it following some suggestions from John.   The newscast itself was somewhat eventful in that it occurred during  a thunderstorm.  I don’t think the station actually lost power but there was plenty of lightning and flickering of lights and monitors.  It knocked out one of the recievers for a weather clicker and apparently we were off the air for about 15 minutes starting late in the 10 o’clock broadcast.  Luckily we were back on after a few minutes as the inundation of calls would have continued until my shift ended at midnight.

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