June 2010

In Bruges

I don’t remember much of consequence from the rest of this past week. Yesterday afternoon, I watched the much anticipated USA vs. England world cup “football” game. I certainly wasn’t expecting a tie.

After work yesterday, David picked me up from the station and we went to the Elmwood theater to meet Andrey, Patrick and Haydar to see The A-Team. David and I arrived well before 10. The show didn’t start until 10:30 and our other friends arrived later than us. As for the movie itself, it had some laughs but it was hardly a good film and very forgettable. After the show, David was kind enough to give me a ride home which made the whole evening a lot cheaper than it otherwise would have been.

I didn’t exactly hurry out of bed this morning after being up late last night. I wasted most of the afternoon in front of the computer and watching a movie, In Bruges. Mom made smothered pork chops for dinner. I left for work immediately after eating. There were no recent murders tonight and the evening passed quietly. Sean was flying solo for the Final Play show after the news. His interview guest canceled yesterday but he still managed to fill the show. I went home after prompting morning sports.

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Roll D

While I have not been exceptionally busy in the last week or so, I have not budgeted time for this log. I did go out and meet Andrey and David after work on Sunday. We played some pool at St. Joe’s Bar on Magazine. At work, the newsroom has grown more crowded with several summer interns getting started. My fall internship seemed a lot quieter with seemingly far fewer fellow interns. We also have a new hire, Danielle, who will be working as a PA through the summer. With all the new people, I have been spending a lot of time teaching others about my job, mostly printing the shows. With John Snell on assignment for the last few days, we have not had the burden of printing five copies of the 9 PM show, a welcome relief.

Last week I sat with Danielle while she ran the teleprompter for the first time during a live broadcast.Today I had the chance to learn something new myself. Following a “rough” broadcast a few days ago, Jannette wanted all the editors to be able to work on video during the show rather than have one in the control room rolling clips. Instead, she thinks a PA should do it when interns are in the newsroom to print scripts. After I arrived today, I started teaching the three interns we had this afternoon how we go about putting anchor reads in the scripts and printing the show. I was able to stick around until five minutes to air time when I made my way to the control room. Rico was up there to show me how to play clips for the newscast. As most of the video was already in he was free to do the job himself and I was in no hurry to jump in before I fully grasped the job. We use Avid iNews Command to roll clips during the show. Rico showed me the ropes through most of the show. I ran slips during the sports block without incident. It’s almost entirely a matter of pressing the play A, B, C or D button as told by the director. He has four channels of clips to draw upon at any given time.

Later I ran clips for the entirety of the nine and ten o’clock shows while Danielle ran prompter and an intern printed the scripts. The printing part was a little rough with a newbie doing that. I know there were some pages that never made it out to anyone. Rico was free to sit behind me for the better part of both broadcasts but luckily there were no major issues during with show so I did fine. The rest of this evening passed without incident and I went home at 12:30.

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