Everything Else in the Last Month

Having completed an abbreviated summary of Jazz Fest, I can abbreviate everything else that’s happened in the last week or so. Overlapping Jazz Fest in the news was the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion and subsequent oil spill. The story has owned our local newscasts in recent weeks. I don’t think I need to go on at length about the implications of oil reaching the shores of the gulf coast. Work has gone on largely as normal for me.

This past Thursday I took the last exam of the last class in my last semester at Tulane. It was just three questions and I didn’t have much if an answer for one of them. I didn’t do especially well on my other two exams either and I finished the class with a C… not exactly what I was hoping for when I started.

On Friday I went with dad to a school play at Ecole Classique. My nephew Brandon was playing a role in the school’s production of Grease. It was an ambitious production for a high school with some 40 kids in the cast… pretty funny too.

This being the first weekend at home in several weeks I was able to get a lot of housekeeping done. I had quite a bit of laundry piled up and my bedroom was not its usual pristine self.

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