Jack is Back

I slept in this morning I and I don’t recall doing much in the afternoon outside of watching football. The Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings played today. The Saints will face the winner of that game in the NFC championship next week. The game was essentially a blowout for Brett Favre and the Vikings. They won 34-3.I went to WVUE for five this evening. Our weekend newscast started an hour late at 10 PM tonight because Fox was airing a two hour 24 premiere special at eight. I’m a fan of the show myself although I certainly would have minded an earlier air time. I watched the first hour on the desk and then tuned it out because I wouldn’t be able to pay attention to the end of the second hour. The implications of the Vikings game dominated the newscast although we did run a story on the Haiti earthquake.The Final Play show went smoothly enough, although guess Jonathan Vilma barely arrived in time for air at 10:30. With that and the morning sports taping, I wasn’t able to leave for the evening until 11:20. After I got home I watched the second hour of the 24 premiere before bed.

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