Early this afternoon, I went with Mom and my brothers to visit Aunt Dionne. In years past we’ve visited them and all the other people there on Christmas day but that didn’t happen this year. After I got there I was quickly recruited to install a new wireless router and set up the security and then connect all the devices around the house to it including a new blu-ray player and TV in the living room. Despite my familiarity with such things it took a good while to get it working with all the computers and peripheral hardware around the house. I think I had all the settings right from the outset, however. We also exchanged gifts with Aunt Dionne and Uncle Larry while we were there. Mom and Andrew left ahead of Jeff and me as she needed to get back home while I was still fooling with their stuff. Later after I finished everything I went with Jeff to Lakeside Mall. He wanted to get a gift for a friend he was seeing later this week and I had time to kill before heading to work this evening. It was exceptionally crowded and we were lucky to get a parking stop some distance from the mall itself. We went through a bunch of stores but I didn’t see anything I wanted to buy. I have enough new toys to play with anyway.We left the mall at around 3:45. I wanted to pick something up for dinner to bring to the station but Jeff was hungry too and we had enough time to eat out somewhere. He said he was in the mood for a po-boy so we went to Mandina’s, which is more-or-less on the way to WVUE anyway. The place was just starting to fill up when we arrived and we were seated immediately. Jeff ordered a fried oyster po-boy and I had the shrimp po-boy and some fries. The wait for our food was longer than usual. Our waiter told us 90% of their orders today were for fried seafood which was backing them up a bit. He surmised most people wanted something different from traditional Christmas dinners.I was going to be a bit late to work so I called ahead and arrived at about 5:10. I don’t recall much of anything about the workday. I printed the script and prompted like I always do on Saturdays. Everything went smoothly if I remember right. I got back home around 10:15.

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