Rainy Trip

Like a lot of days in New Orleans lately, the weather today was rather wet and gloomy. With my stuff packed for my impending trip to Ruston this afternoon, I went to the office with Dad for about an hour to get a couple things done prior to leaving for the week. Dad dropped me off at the train station around one. I wanted to be early in case there was any trouble. I learned late last night that the train was nearly sold out when I booked a reservation over the phone. I’ve never seen much a crowd at the train station before. I arrived 45 minutes before departure and there was already a long line of folks waiting to board. I did not have any problems, though. I was able to get my ticket and board. We departed on time at 1:45. I spent a good portion of the train ride playing my Nintendo DS. If I remember right, the train was just a couple minutes late in arriving in Jackson. It didn’t matter much to me though. Krystle got hung up with some stuff this afternoon and was late in leaving to pick me up. I went to the nearby Hilton hotel to wait for her. She arrived at 6:30 and made the drive back to Ruston. It was raining through at least the first hour of the ride.We must have arrived in Ruston around 8:30. After we got settled we went to Waffle House for dinner, my first visit to such an establishment. We might have watched a movie later that evening. I think it was a DVD a brought with me, Akira Kurosawa’s Scandal.

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