Late Start for the Nine

Dad and I got to the office at quarter to noon. It was cold and rainy out today, quite cold. I only had some housekeeping work to handle today, no reports to write. After a big dinner from the Italian Pie last night, I was not hungry this morning or afternoon.I arrived on time at Fox this afternoon. I did the anchor reads and printed the five o’clock news while Dana prompted. The broadcast appeared to go smoothly enough even though the entire sports block in ENPS was dragged into the trash minutes before we came back from commercial.After the show a handful of us in the newsroom ordered dinner from Lebanon Café. I’m not a big fan of Middle Eastern food but was willing to try something different. I had a beef shawarma. The ingredients sounded good on the menu but the sauce in this ‘sandwich’ has a sandy texture I didn’t like.Due to Obama’s primetime address on Afghanistan, the nine o’clock news started 37 minutes late. Fox just ran So You Can Dance in full after the speech. I prompted the nine o’clock news largely without incident. Later in the evening there was a non-fatal shooting that I didn’t send any photographers to. Things were quiet enough outside of that.

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