Da Bears

I’m only two days removed from writing this log entry but I am already struggling to remember the day. I do remember prompting the nine and feeling a bit sloppy. I forgot to change camera three after weather and John didn’t have the prompter for that tease.Later in the evening I was watching the Bears Vikings game. A win by the Chicago Bears would give the New Orleans Saints home field advantage in the playoffs. John Snell called the desk and suggested I send out a breaking news e-mail alert should the Bears win so the other John helped me set that up before he left. Improbably enough, the 5-9 Bears did win so I sent out the alert. Someone else from the station sent another less than a minutes after me though. Later in the evening I posted an AP story on the game to the website. Luckily there were no other incidents to worry about tonight as the game nearly monopolized my attention.

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