Bad Lieutenant

Although the doctor’s office will be closed tomorrow and Friday, things didn’t seem very busy at work today. Patient flow was reasonably steady but hardly overwhelming.Late this evening I met up with Andrey, David and some other to see a movie. Originally, I was going to meet David at his house to go to the theater but that didn’t work out so well. First, I was unable to get a cab after waiting for 40 minutes. I called David to let them know I couldn’t make it since I didn’t have a ride but he called me back and offered to come over the river and pick me up. There was also the small issue of the showing we were going to apparently not happening. We planned on going to Elmwood but had to go to a theater in Kenner to see an 11 PM show. David picked up Lucas and them came over to pick me up. We met Andrey and a couple other people at the Hollywood Cinema 9 in Kenner, a dumpy and not particularly charming theater adjacent to the Esplanade mall.We saw Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans, a Werner Herzog film. Our group made up the entire audience so we were free to make “comments” during the film without going to “the special hell.” It was a crazy and very entertaining film although immediately after watching it I did not have much appreciation for its artistic merits. I remember saying it was one of the best bad movies I have ever seen. Having had a couple days to digest it, I think it is worthy of higher praise. I will be watching it again sometime in the future to try and solidify my opinion. After the movie, I asked David to drop me off at Harrah’s Casino downtown to catch a cab home. I assumed there would be a handful just sitting there but I had to wait a little while.

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