Sunday – Tuesday

Sunday was rather uneventful to the best of my recollection. I did watch the rather remarkable Saints game in which New Orleans overcame a 21 point deficit to beat the Miami Dolphins.I worked at Fox on Monday. There was not a great deal going on that day. During the newscast I helped one of the new PAs, Monica, run scripts. I was there again today. I had some things to keep me busy on the assignment desk. At two, Ms. DeCorte sent me with Avis to Children’s Hospital. It was my first trip out “in the field” in a while. They were administering their first batch of H1N1 vaccine to “high exposure risk” employees like doctors and nurses. Those in Charge of Fox 8 News have had a bit of a hard on over the swine flu and have been covering it extensively… perhaps not as widely as WDSU who had a microwave truck there for live broadcasts from the hospital and four, five and six PM. We were there for 45 minutes, mostly so Avis could shoot B roll of people getting the flu shot. I interviewed Rodolfo E Bégué, MD again. I asked some rather basic questions about the vaccine that were not exactly compelling. Again, I asked a question of my own making although I can’t remember if the answer got on air.Later on I ran scripts for Claudia. I had the chance to speak with her at length and she told she was leaving in a couple weeks for a new job. Before I left for the evening after six, I left a copy of my resume on Janette’s desk for the PA job. Later that evening I watched Bobby.

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