Last Swing

At Janette’s request, I stopped by the station at 10:30 this morning to fill out some paperwork. I thought I might also get some other things done like fill out tax forms and get an ID made but that didn’t happen today. I was back at the office sometime after 11:30. I had a little work to do but nothing overwhelming. I got Dad and I sandwiches from Theo’s for lunch.After five, I went up to campus for class this evening. During this evening’s class, we went over more student cover letters. After the break there was a short lecture on “informational interviews.” Following class, Dad took me to Tulane’s uptown campus for ballroom this evening. I went down to the Rat in the LBC. Bill Summers was playing there as part of the Jazz at the Rat series. It was an interesting percussion ensemble although I am partial to a stronger horn section.At ten to nine, I walked to the Reily Center for ballroom dancing this evening. This was the fourth and final week of west coast swing. Most of it was review although we did learn one new sequence tonight that involved me twirling around. I never do that well. At ten I walked to Willow and McAlister. There was a cab waiting and I took it home. I put some laundry on and watched Last Tango in Paris.

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