Come Back Next Week

I worked at Fox from 11 to six this afternoon. Chris was still running the newsroom today. This afternoon I went with Donny to interview a doctor at Children’s Hospital about the H1N1 vaccine. We were under the impression that they received their shipment and were there to get sound about the distribution of the vaccine. During the interview we learned that they would not be getting it until next week, so we certainly wouldn’t be getting any B roll of the syringes or people receiving the vaccine. That being the case, there wasn’t really any story. I did happen to ask him what the side effects of the swine flu vaccine would be and his answer is what they used during the five o’clock news.On the way back to the station we stopped at the Pita Pit on Magazine for lunch. I don’t remember doing much of circumstance afterward. At five I went up to the control room to watch the newscast. Apparently some packages were a bit late but everything seemed to run smoothly.I left not long after six. We had red beans for dinner this evening. I don’t recall doing anything of circumstance afterward.

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